About Texas Sidecar Company

We offer the highest quality sidecars available for the money.  Here’s what you should know about our Texas Sidecars:

1.  High QUALITY, fit and finish.  Our heavy fiberglass sidecar bodies have marine grade carpets, durable vinyl upholstery and tonneau cover, and black powder-coated chassis and mounting hardware.  The bodies have a beautiful gloss black finish that does not require a paint job.

2.  Well designed, safe MOUNTING HARDWARE specific to your scooter or motorcycle.  No cutting or welding and installation requires only basic hand tools and our Installation Guides are the best in the industry.

3.  Fast, knowledgeable SERVICE.  We are a small company dedicated to manufacturing, selling and installing sidecars. We carefully manage our production to provide the highest level service possible.

4.  AMERICAN made with American materials and backed with old-fashioned  honesty and integrity.  We sell, install and us what WE build.  If we make a mistake, we make it right, fast.

Ask on the web, ask at the rallies, ask the owners: when you compare the quality, the ease of installation and the total cost, Texas Sidecars are the best value on the market.

Texas Sidecar Company History

The Texas Sidecar Company was officially formed in late 2000 but the products have a long history and the owners have been involved with sidecars for many years.

CJ and Ardis Foust founded the Ride-By-Side company in 1979 in Hartland, Michigan.  They began with one model – now called the Standard.  It has been a popular choice for small- and mid-displacement motorcycles for over 20 years.  A variation of the Standard, which has a smaller wheel and custom mounting, has been mated to quite a few Honda Helixes.

The Standard grew in width to become the new Ranger model.  Several hundred of these were built over the years and have been mounted on almost every popular make and model motorcycle, from Honda to Harley.

The Texas Sidecar Company was purchased by Kent Silk in July of
2019. The company is currently located in Donie, TX.