Patriot Sidecar - Best of the Best

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  • Width of body is 25.5 inches

  • Length of body is 85 inches

  • The Patriot has 50 inches of leg room

  • The hip room (seat width) is 22 inches

  • Total width of sidecar with the fender is 39 inches

Base Pricing $14,500

Reminiscent of the sidecars Harley started to build in the 1930’s, but LARGER. The Patriot allows for a larger seating area and more cargo space. Unlike Harley’s original sidecar, the Patriot has a door making it much easier to get in and out of. The windshield folds forward to also allow for easier entry. The trunk opens and locks from the outside, so no more removing the seat to grab your gear. Full swing arm suspension and electric trim adjustment is mounted internally allowing for a narrower track width (this is important for markets that require total width to be under 175cm). The body is mounted on vibration isolators and the seat is made with high density foam to make for a comfortable ride.

The Patriot sidecar comes with bike specific mounting hardware, electric Trim, Brembo brake, windshield, Tonneau cover, turn signal/tail light assembly, full Interior carpeting, padded arm rests and a connected fender.

Options Available

Heated Seats – $350 / Seat Belt – $75 / Dual USB port – $125

Cigarette Style port – $115 / Dog Pad for your furry Friends – $350

Upholstery Upgrade – color match to bike seat 200.00 and special stitching 200.00

Custom Paint – Starts at $1,700 + up / Wide White Wall Tire – $125 upcharge only

Steering Mods & Triple Trees – call for details

Installation setup and alignment – $1000

Ask us if you don’t see an option you might want!